Applications Technology

Next to flavor creation, the other half of our role as flavor manufacturer is to perfectly apply flavors to a product base—whether flavoring food, beverage, confection, or any other product. The abelei flavor company’s experienced staff of specialized scientists apply their diverse backgrounds in food product development to determine the right flavor quantities for your product. By examining the factors of taste, functionality, and economy, our team applies flavors that perform best in your unique product base. 

We invite our customers to work directly with our team, joining us side-by-side in the lab. This enables you to easily provide us with feedback in addition to giving you valuable insight into our application process.

The abelei flavor manufacturing lab is outfitted with top-of-the-line equipment, allowing us to create great tasting prototypes just for you, including:

Hot and cold filled beverages of all types

Hard candies, gummies, pressed tablets

Soft serve and hardpacked ice cream and yogurt

Powder, panned, coated and bar products

Baked, boiled and friend foods

And much more!