The Skinny Cocktail Company

Scales Cocktail Mixers Relies on Perfect Flavor for Unique Beverage Base

The Skinny Cocktail Company creates Scales Cocktail Mixers - low calorie, zero carbohydrate, sugar free margarita mixes and cocktails. Based near Charleston, South Carolina and founded by Scott and Stephanie Meadows, the company began with the couple’s passion for entertaining. As true southern entertainers, the Meadows were driven to start a business that offered a great tasting cocktail experience without most of the associated side effects, like bloating and the guilt of consuming too many calories.

New Product Solution

A product development consultant first introduced Skinny Cocktail to abelei. The start-up beverage company needed great tasting and cost-effective flavor systems. It didn't take abelei long to create flavors that were well suited for this cutting-edge beverage base, and Skinny Cocktail soon had product in grocery stores throughout South Carolina. However, as the company sought to increase its distribution, cost reductions became necessary. abelei immediately reengineered its own flavor systems to drive out cost without sacrificing flavor integrity. As a result, Scales drink mixes are now available in a growing number of markets throughout the U.S.

Customer Testimonial

abelei flavors is an extraordinary flavor supplier and business partner. When I first met with abelei, they quickly understood the dynamics of our business. They said they would do whatever they could to help us be successful. True to their word, in addition to helping us to efficiently flavor our products, abelei has filled orders on very short notice and helped us reduce costs by optimizing and cost reducing their own flavors.”

abelei’s support has gone well beyond providing great flavors. abelei understands flavors, and the food and beverage business in general. I highly recommend them.”

- Scott Meadows, Co-Founder - The Skinny Cocktail Company